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Best Flavors for Your Pet’s Medications

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Best Flavors for Your Pet’s Medications

Best Flavors for Your Pet’s Medications by Compounding Center

You know that giving your pet their medication is easier when the flavoring is appealing. Although, it can be confusing to decide what flavor to request. We offer flavors ranging from meat and poultry to fish and even sweet options. This post will help you further determine the flavors for your pet’s medications.

The first thing to consider is what your pet naturally eats. Are they an omnivore or an herbivore? Pets that only eat plants will likely be uninterested in a medication flavored to taste like meat, poultry or fish.

The smell of the medicine also matters. Cats are particularly sensitive to bitter smells. While they’re not able to taste sweet flavors, the sweeter smells may mask a bitter drug and make it more palatable.  Small animals like rabbits, birds, and gerbils are generally herbivores and prefer flavors in line with that natural diet. Check out this chart to help you decide which flavor is best for your pet.

Flavors for Your Pet’s Medications

  • Tropical Birds – Sweet flavors like Tutti Frutti or pina colada
  • Dogs – Bacon, beef, poultry, peanut butter
  • Cats – Fish, poultry, bacon
  • Ferrets – Peanut butter, beef, sweet flavors
  • Rabbits – Fruit flavors
  • Gerbils – Sweet flavors
  • Reptiles – Sweet and fruity flavors
  • Horses – Caramel apple or peppermint

Our goal is to make it easy to give your pet their medication. We’ll work with you to find that perfect yummy flavor. When ordering a flavored medication for your pet, the table above is a guideline. But pay attention to what your pet normally eats. What flavor food do you feed them? What treats are they most likely to devour? Even if they don’t match our suggestions, it’s best to start there. Pets are most likely to eat things that smell and taste like something they recognize and like.

Making your pet’s medication more appealing makes it more likely they’ll take the medicine without a fight, saving you a lot of stress. Flavored medications help maintain and improve your pet’s health by turning “pill time” into “treat time.” What pet won’t love that?

To get your pet’s medication flavored just for them, contact us at the Compounding Center.


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