8 Questions to Ask When Buying Compression Socks

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8 Questions to Ask When Buying Compression Socks

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When it comes to compression therapy, there are lots of options to choose from. Buying compression socks doesn’t have to be complicated, but there is some information you’ll want to know before swiping your card. These are a few questions you’ll want to ask before buying compression socks.

1. What compression strengths do you carry?

The answer to this question will help you figure out how wide of a selection the medical supplier has. If they don’t carry a wide array of compression socks, it’s clear that compression therapy is not their focus. You may prefer to get your stockings from a medical supplier that has an extensive selection of compression stockings since this likely signals that the staff has lots of compression therapy knowledge and experience.

2. What compression stocking sizes and lengths do you carry?

Pressure is not the only measurement you’ll be looking for. You also need the correct size and length, and  might even need other compression therapy options. Ask whether the compression stockings you need are in stock or whether the medical supplier will need to order them. If you need the socks in a timely manner, you may not be able to wait for a new order to come in. The business should have a variety of compression stockings that accommodate men and women as well as your preferred style.

3. Do you offer alternatives to compression socks?

If you checked out this article on compression sock alternatives, you know that in some cases, compression wraps might be a better option than compression socks. But most places do not stock compression sock wraps. Instead, they may have to order them, or they may be completely unavailable.  If they don’t usually stock them, they may not be as educated on this style of compression.

4. Do you offer custom fitting for compression socks?

You’ll want to make sure your compression socks fit perfectly. The way to do that is by getting measured for the right fit. A good medical supplier offers custom fitting to make sure your compression socks work as well as they should for you.

5. Do you carry medical-grade compression socks?

If a healthcare provider wrote you a prescription for compression socks, they should be medical-grade. Non-medical-grade are not regulated so the socks do not have guaranteed pressure levels. If your medical condition requires a particular strength and a non-medical sock gives you too much or too little pressure, it can be harmful.  Make sure you find a good quality medical grade compression sock or stocking.

6. How do I wash and care for the compression socks?

High-quality compression socks are guaranteed to last several months when cared for properly. Hot water and a hot dryer can wreak havoc on your socks and degrade them.  Be sure to ask about laundering instructions so you can care for them the right way and maximize the life of the compression socks.

7. How long is the compression guaranteed?

Although compression socks can last a while, they don’t last forever. Ask the medical supplier about the life expectancy for your compression socks so that you know when it’s time to retire the pair and possibly purchase a new pair. Also, keep in mind that you may pay less for another pair of socks or stockings, but you may only be getting half the guaranteed wear out of them.   

8. Do you have recommendations on how to get them on and off?

Getting compression socks on and off can be a challenge, so take advantage of the medical supplier’s expertise. Ask for any suggestions on how you can get the socks on or off more easily. Some may try to offer you compression socks with a zipper. Be aware of the risks before purchasing.