Comfortable Mobility – Strongback Wheelchair

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Comfortable Mobility – Strongback Wheelchair

Strongback wheelchair

Not all wheelchairs are created equal. There are some that offer more benefits like the Strongback Wheelchair. Wheelchairs are made to help improve the quality of life of people who have difficulty walking or getting around. They promote mobility and independence. Wheelchairs can either be manual/self-propelled or electric-powered with built-in motor. Check out how the manually propelled Strongback Wheelchairs can help enhance your comfort as you do your daily tasks.



Strongback wheelchairs vs. ordinary wheelchairs


Research shows that full-time wheelchair users sit for about 7-13 hours a day on their wheelchairs. To prevent sores from developing due to sitting for long hours, shifting the weight from one buttock to another for 30 to 90 seconds together with frequent stretches is advised. Another option is to use pressure relief cushions.


Ordinary wheelchairs are primarily intended for mobility. This means that they don’t usually offer the best comfort. They lack lumbar support causing the user to slouch, making sitting uncomfortable. This causes back pain, especially during long sitting hours. That’s why most ordinary wheelchair users complain of neck, shoulder, arm, and back pain. Most wheelchairs are manufactured as one-size-fits-all and customization is not very common. Moreover, they are bulky and heavy.


Strongback wheelchairs have unique ergonomics to provide comfort for prolonged sitting. The curved back supports the natural arch of the lumbar spine, reducing the pressure on the discs and the tailbone. The flaps of the back support are velcro adjustable to easily set its location and firmness. The result, more comfortable sitting experience and less back pain without the need for chunky back cushions. The cushioned seats are angled to align the pelvis and to prevent the user from slipping forward and slouching while providing maximum comfort for the buttocks. The front seat also curves down to reduce strain and avoid pinching at the back of the knees. The swing-away footrests are detachable and can be easily flipped back and locked into place for ease of entry and exit. The Strongback wheelchairs’ ultra-lightweight, compact, and foldable build allows them to fit easily into the trunk of any car.


In addition, Strongback wheelchairs still have the features that users have grown to love like:


  • Anti-tippers to prevent from flipping backwards
  • Flip-back armrests
  • Full foam armrests to prevent pinching the elbows
  • Easy-to-remove rear wheels
  • Hand brakes for the caregiver to use while pushing
  • For the advanced user, a moveable rear axle to shift the center of gravity to hop curbs easier.


All these for your lasting comfort while you’re seated on a Strongback wheelchair.



The benefits of using the Strongback wheelchair


Strongback wheelchairs support proper posture and prevent slouching to keep you sitting upright. They promote a stronger and healthier spine without compromising comfort and portability to maintain your mobility. Whatever your needs are, Strongback wheelchairs can provide you the freedom of movement and independence.



Where to find the Strongback wheelchair


Strongback wheelchairs are available in 3 frame sizes with seat options of 16”, 18”, and 20” at The Compounding Center in Leesburg, VA. Made of durable quality and stylish design, these wheelchairs provide comfort, quality, and style to your mobility. Pressure relief cushions are also available. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to find the perfect Strongback wheelchair for your needs and lifestyle.



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