The nature of compounding generates lots of questions. We’ve gathered answers to the most commons ones, but if your question isn’t listed just click here to ask our pharmacist.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, The Compounding Center is an approved and credentialed provider for all major insurance plans. Coverage for compounded medications varies by plan, but our staff is happy to attempt to bill your insurance online. We will communicate coverage and copayments to you prior to preparing your medication.

In order to bill your insurance plan, we will need the following information.

  • Prescription insurance company name and BIN number
  • Cardholder’s name and relationship to the patient
  • ID number
  • Rx Group number (sometimes listed as RxGrp)
  • PCN number if provided on the card
Do You Accept Pet Insurance?

TCC does not currently participate with pet insurance plans, but we are happy to provide a claim form for you to submit for reimbursement.

I Don't Live Near You, Can You Ship Medication?

Using major carriers, such as, UPS, or FedEx, we are able to ship your compounded prescriptions and vitamin supplements directly to your front door.

  • Priority ground shipping via USPS is available for $7.
  • Overnight shipping is available for refrigerated or urgent items for $27.
  • Please note: The Compounding Center is licensed in the following states: VA, MD, DC, WV, PA, NY, NC and GA.
Are You Available For Questions Or Discussions?

Absolutely, that’s why we’re here! We are always open to discussing and solving any medication problems, questions or issues that you or your patients have. We make ourselves available to help so your therapy can be successful. You may reach us at 703-779-3301 or click here to email us.

Can I Submit Refills Using My Phone Or Tablet?

Yes! Just download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play

for your Apple or Android Device. You can easily submit refills, get medication reminders and much more! Go to our mobile app page for more information and to download the app!

What steps do you take for quality assurance?


We go above and beyond when it comes to safety. We voluntarily surpass the strictest international standards. Not only are we compliant with United States Pharmacopeia standards (USP 795 and 797), we are also accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, part of the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare. Additionally, our pharmacists and technicians are certified and re-tested each year. We take safety seriously, so you know you can use our services and recommend us with confidence.

How do I write a prescription for compounded medication?

For busy doctors, it may be a daunting task to create a unique prescription for each patient. That’s where we come in. Our pharmacists are here to suggest different formulations based on therapeutic goals. Contact us for our pre-printed prescription pads. We also realize many of you don’t want to deal with paper prescriptions – no problem. The Compounding Center accepts prescriptions electronically. Feel free to enter your most commonly used formulas in your database or simply type the formulation you want into the Sig or Comment area of your EMR prescribing software.

I’m a patient, how do I submit a prescription?

The prescriber’s office may fax them in, phone them in or send them electronically. Unfortunately, state and federal law prohibit us from accepting prescription faxes from patients. If the prescriber has given you a written prescription, bring that on in to us then we can start to prepare your medication.

Refills may be placed by phone, website or mobile app any time of the day or night.

Phone 703-779-3301
I’m a prescriber, how do I submit a prescription?

Call it in to our dedicated prescriber line at 703-779-3317, or

Fax it to us at 703-443-2283

Or, you may submit it electronically to us at The Compounding Center, VA

What makes a compounding pharmacy different from a regular pharmacy?

Regular pharmacies dispense mass produced medications; we prepare each medication in our lab. We work closely with physicians, caregivers and patients to ensure that we formulate a specific medicine tailored to each patient’s needs and therapeutic goals.

Why should I choose The Compounding Center over other pharmacies?


Aside from our awesome staff, we were also the first PCAB™ accredited pharmacy in the DC area and we are committed to upholding our reputation as the most helpful, trustworthy and friendly compounding pharmacy you can possibly work with.

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