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Gabapentin for Dogs

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Your pet’s pain can be controlled using gabapentin for dogs and for cats. Neuropathic pain is not only a human concern. Your pet can suffer from chronic pain, and that means you need to find medication that helps, and is easy to dose. Gabapentin, a drug commonly used for chronic pain in people, also works well for dogs and cats. The Compounding Center in Leesburg can help you and your veterinarian get the right dose, and make the medication in a form that your pet will tolerate.

Stop your pet’s pain with Gabapentin for dogs

You may also see gabapentin called by its brand name, Neurontin. Gabapentin is used in both human and veterinary medicine. However, you should never use your own Neurontin prescription to treat your pet. Dogs and cats require much different dosages and formulations from those that are safe for human treatment.
In particular, some of the inactive ingredients, like xylitol used in liquid formulations can be dangerous for your pet’s liver. An accredited compounding pharmacy will be able to provide doses that are appropriate for your dog or cat’s weight and level of pain. On the whole, gabapentin is quite safe for treating your pet’s pain symptoms. Most dogs and cats experience few side effects. For those who do have an adverse reaction, sedation or temporary loss of coordination are the most common. These may possibly be prevented by reducing the dosage.

What types of pain respond to gabapentin?

Gabapentin is more likely to be prescribed for chronic pain than for temporary pain because it takes a while to give its full effect. Gabapentin for dogs can also be used to boost the effectiveness of a primary pain relief medication. It is commonly used in older pets experiencing arthritis pain or pets with post-surgical pain.
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Easy to administer Gabapentin for dogs

Let us help stop the fight to medicate your pet – no more shoving the capsule down the throat. Our compounding pharmacy in Leesburg is experienced in working with veterinarians to offer more options for dosing medications in a way your pet will tolerate. For instance, we have yummy flavors like beef and tuna flavored liquid Gabapentin. Or perhaps a chicken flavored chewy treat would be the ticket. We also offer lower dosages in chicken flavored mini-tabs – perfect for small pets!

As with any drug formulation, you should advise your vet of any other medications that your pet is taking in order to avoid interactions between ingredients.

The Compounding Center in Leesburg is a PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy, so you can feel confident in trusting your pet’s health to our trained pharmacists and staff. Watch our blog for more information on keeping your pet healthy and happy.


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