Gabapentin for Pets: Pain Relief Your Pets Can Tolerate

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Gabapentin for Pets: Pain Relief Your Pets Can Tolerate

gabapentin for pets

We all love our pets, and when they’re in pain, it can make us feel sad and helpless. Unfortunately, many pets have chronic pain. But the good news is that there’s treatment. Gabapentin, a drug commonly used to treat chronic pain in humans, also works well for dogs, cats, and other pets.

The Compounding Center in Leesburg can help you and your veterinarian get the right dose of gabapentin for pets and make the medication in a form your pet will happily chow down!

Stop pain with gabapentin for pets

If you, a relative, or friend have neuropathic pain (commonly known as nerve pain), you may have heard of gabapentin before. It also goes by the brand name Neurontin.

Even though gabapentin is used safely in both human and veterinary medicine, you should never use your own gabapentin or Neurontin to treat your pet. Pets require much different dosages and formulations than those that are safe for human treatment. For example, commercially-manufactured liquid gabapentin formulations for humans contain an ingredient called xylitol which can be dangerous for your pet’s liver. The Compounding Center can provide gabapentin for pets that does not have harmful ingredients and is appropriate for your pet’s weight and pain level.

On the whole, gabapentin is quite safe for treating your pet’s pain symptoms. Most dogs and cats experience few side effects. For those who do have an adverse reaction, sedation or temporary loss of coordination are the most common. These may possibly be prevented by reducing the dosage.

What types of pain respond to gabapentin?

Gabapentin is more likely to be prescribed for chronic pain than for temporary pain because it takes a while to give its full effect. Gabapentin can also be used to boost the effectiveness of a primary pain relief medication. It is commonly used in older pets experiencing arthritis pain or pets with post-surgical pain.

Easy-to-administer gabapentin for pets

Our pharmacists know it can be a struggle to get a pill down your pet’s throat. That’s why we work with veterinarians to offer more dosing options that your pet will tolerate. For instance, we have yummy flavors like beef- and tuna-flavored liquid gabapentin. Or perhaps a chicken-flavored chewy treat would be the ticket. We also offer lower dosages in chicken flavored mini-tabs—perfect for small pets!

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