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Healthy Aging in Men

healthy aging men

Most of the literature published about aging is related to women’s health but men are becoming much more aware of their health and healthy aging. You can’t stop the aging process but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life as you age. In fact, you can still be in great shape as long as you make healthy decisions. Avoid the high cost of chronic illnesses and protect your quality of life by considering these essential supplements.



Aging and unhealthy diets may contribute to decreased levels of essential nutrients required by our body. Additionally, as we age, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases. Although you can get vitamins from food, they’re often not enough and you may benefit from supplementation. Daily intake of multivitamins help replenish the body’s supply of micronutrients and reduces the risk of cancers. 


Vitamin D3 

Manufactured by the skin upon exposure to sunlight, Vitamin D3 has many uses in the body. Because many of us spend too much time indoors, supplementation with Vitamin D is important. Vitamin D3 supports bone health, muscle health, heart health, proper functioning of the immune system, and helps prevent cancers.  


Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Omega-3 is not only known for its heart-protective properties, but it can also help fight age-related brain function deterioration and Alzheimer’s disease. From its name, omega-3 fish oil comes from deep-sea fish but most people don’t consume enough for their health benefits. A daily dose of this supplement reduces the risk of inflammation and supports eye health and a strong immune system. Omega-3 also may also help fight depression and anxiety. 


Vitamin B12 

When we hear about the B vitamins, we often think of B complex (the eight B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12) but Vitamin B12 by itself plays a huge role in maintaining brain and heart health since it keeps the blood and blood vessels strong making blood circulation in the whole body more efficient. Vitamin B12 can also help increase testosterone levels to support men’s sexual health. 


Zinc and Selenium 

The human prostate normally stores the highest levels of zinc in the body. However, aging is associated with decreased zinc levels in the prostate hence the prevalence of prostatic diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. Zinc is important for the prostate’s normal functioning Selenium Is a powerful antioxidant that keeps cells healthy and prevents cell damage. It also helps lower the risk of certain types of cancers, mental decline, and heart disease while boosting the immune system.  


The Compounding Center in Leesburg, Virginia offers a variety of supplements to support men’s health: 


  • Pure Encapsulations Men’s Nutrient 
  • Perque Life Guard 
  • The Compounding Center Active Life Nutrient 


Vitamin D3 

  • The Compounding Center Vitamin D3 5000 units 
  • Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3 5000 units 
  • Natural Creations Vitamin D3 5000 units 


Omega-3 Fish Oil 

  • Nordic Naturals ProOmega 
  • Perque Triple EFA Guard 


Vitamin B12 

  • Xymogen B-12 
  • Pure Encapsulations B-12 liquid 
  • The Compounding Center B-12 


Zinc and Selenium 

  • Pure Encapsulations Zinc 
  • The Compounding Center Selenium 
  • Pure Encapsulations Selenium 


How to achieve and maintain healthy aging in men

A healthy lifestyle is the best prevention to avoid age-related diseases. Control your weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure, avoid smoking, have a regular exercise routine, and add high-quality supplements to your regimen. Now you’re on your way to healthy aging!


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