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October 28, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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Men’s Health

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As we begin to fully immerse ourselves in the summer months and spend more time outdoors engaging in physical activity a focus toward healthy living might enter men’s minds.   Thinking about summer vacations usually prompts most men to eat better, go to the gym and get back in beach body shape.

For some, this means getting back into the routines that have kept them healthy for years. For other men, this is not enough to get them feeling, looking or thinking they are at their best.  Recent statistics show that 12.1% of men 18 or older have fair or poor health. Another survey identified that almost one-third of men 20 years or older are obese. A few years ago, it was identified that only about half of men are able to meet national physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity.

Achieving optimal men’s health and wellness is a goal that the staff at The Compounding Center is excited to help all men obtain. We stock a variety of non-prescription supplements to support a man’s wellness program, and our knowledgeable staff is available to make recommendations to personalize the approach. It starts with high quality vitamins and minerals that contain the proper ingredients and quantities for nutrient replacement or supplementation. These, along with a variety of other supplements, can address some of the most common challenges facing men. Stress, sleep issues and/or GI problems are all issues that most men face. The use of nutrients and minerals is an ideal and cost effective strategy that should be considered first.

After building a strong foundation with supplements, men’s health can be further optimized with compounded prescription therapy. What man doesn’t like the idea of wearing a tailored suit and custom shoes that were made just for him? Having a customized compounded prescription will give him the same great feeling. The Compounding Center will work with your physician to compound a prescription product at a dose that is prescribed just for you. With medications that will optimize the thyroid, balance hormones, assist with weight loss or address erectile dysfunction, any man can begin and continue down the path of lifelong wellness!