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New Compounded Drops Help with Dry Eye in Dogs

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New Compounded Drops Help with Dry Eye in Dogs

New Compounded Drops Help with Dry Eye in Dogs by Compounding Center

Dogs with dry eyes, also known as Keratojunctivitis sicca (KCS), often have a thick, yellow discharge from their eyes caused by inadequate tear production. Dogs who’ve suffered an injury or infection to their tear ducts often suffer from this condition. The thick discharge this produces, when combined with a build-up of dust and pollen creates a breeding ground for bacteria in your dog’s eyes.

If this condition is left untreated, your dog could suffer from chronic eye infections. Over time, these chronic infections cause scratches on your dog’s cornea. As these scratches accumulate, they ultimately lead to blindness.

Treatment of this condition usually involved a combination of medicated drops and artificial tears. In severe cases, your vet may recommend surgery to correct the problem.

Treatment for KCS now available locally

In the past, veterinarians may have prescribed a combination of drops, which you had to get filled out of the area. Two of the most commonly prescribed medications are cyclosporine and tacrolimus.

At The Compounding Center, we’re now carrying these drops. When your vet prescribes this compounded medicine, you’ll no longer have to wait for an out of the area pharmacy to fill and send the prescription to you. Instead, have them call us and we’ll have those drops to you within 24 hours so your dog can start feeling better right away.

We test all our compounded medications, so you and your vet can be sure you’re getting a high-quality treatment that meets the highest safety standards. We check for potency, sterility, expiration date/shelf-life, and storage temperature. In the case of these Keratojunctivitis drops, you can store them at room temperature. With your vet’s prescription, you can stop in and pick up a bottle or we’re happy to ship them to you.

 If your dog is suffering from dry eyes and/or you’re struggling with all the different drops involved in treating your pet’s condition, ask your vet about our new compounded eye drop solution.

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