The Many Health Benefits of Oxytocin

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The Many Health Benefits of Oxytocin

oxytocin benefits

You may have heard of oxytocin as the love hormone. It surges in women right after giving birth, making the new mom fall head over heels in love with her little one. It also rises after an orgasm, promoting an emotional attachment to your sexual partner.

But oxytocin is more than just a love and attachment hormone. In this article, we’ll talk about three additional health benefits of oxytocin.

Use #1 – Improves Sexual Dysfunction

In a study of 30 women suffering from some degree of sexual dysfunction, oxytocin administered by a nasal spray improved their orgasm experience, sexual function, and sexual contentment.

Use #2 – Makes Social Interaction Easier

Some people have trouble with social interaction, whether because of anxiety or other conditions such as autism. It’s been shown that people with autism may naturally have lower levels of oxytocin. This often results in a fear of others, making social interaction difficult if not impossible. With oxytocin therapy, autistic patients were often better able to interact with others socially.

Use #3 – Ease Anxiety and Promote Sleep

For similar reasons as mentioned above, oxytocin can help reduce stress levels. Reducing stress can go a long way towards easing anxiety, but that’s not all. Oxytocin helps counteract the infamous stress hormone known as cortisol. This opposing effect not only eases anxiety, but also promotes calmness, tranquility, and sleep.

Where can I find oxytocin?

The knowledgeable pharmacists at The Compounding Center prepare customized oxytocin sublingual tablets (the kind that go under your tongue) and oxytocin nasal sprays. Both are easy, convenient, easily-absorbed, and affordable.

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