Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction: Can Intracavernosal Injections Help My ED?

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Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction: Can Intracavernosal Injections Help My ED?

penile injections erectile dysfunction

When you have an episode of erectile dysfunction (ED), you may feel frustrated, isolated, and embarrassed. It may be helpful to know that you’re not alone.

More than half of all men experience erectile dysfunction.

Here’s how an erection usually works: When you’re sexually stimulated, your brain tells the muscles and blood vessels in your penis to relax, which allows more blood to enter the penis. The pressure of the increased bloodflow causes an erection.

Sometimes, your muscles and blood vessels may not be able to relax, which can prevent you from having an erection. That’s why many ED therapies aim to relax blood vessels.

An intracavernosal injection is one possible (and powerful) solution for ED.

This potent mixture includes 3 medications that help open and relax your blood vessels.

Papaverine – Papaverine relaxes the smooth muscle of the penis and relaxes the blood vessels, which allows more blood to reach the penis.

Phentolamine – Phentolamine relaxes blood vessels, too, and also increases the amount of blood coming from the heart.

A prostaglandin like alprostadil – Prostaglandins relax the blood vessels of the penis and allow more blood to enter and less blood to leave. This helps achieve and sustain an erection.

To ensure the mixture works as well as possible, it is injected directly into the cavernosum (the body of the penis).

Here’s how you can get an intracavernosal injection to treat ED.

Although ED is a common condition, the underlying causes might be different from person to person. Because of this, an individualized treatment approach is best. Here’s what you can expect:

First, you’ll consult with a physician who focuses on understanding:

  • the underlying cause(s) of ED for you
  • options that have been explored previously
  • the correct treatment approach going forward

When your physician prescribes a penile injection for erectile dysfunction, the dosage and directions are customized to fit the goals you and the physician have set. Options can include individual doses of prostaglandin, papaverine, phentolamine or some combination of each or all of those ingredients.

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