Transdermal Tramadol for Pain

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November 21, 2017
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Transdermal Tramadol for Pain

Transdermal Tramadol for Pain by Compounding Center

Treating your pet’s pain with no pills! Transdermal Tramadol to the rescue.

Cats, dogs, and other furry friends feel pain just like humans do. Think back to when you were a kid and were given liquid cold medicine. It tasted pretty bad, right? Maybe your parents had to work hard to convince you to take it so you’d feel better. They could reason with you, but have you ever tried to reason with a cat who refuses to take a medication?

Tramadol is a common medication used to treat pain in animals. Unfortunately, it is very bitter and hard to mask with even the best flavors. Unlike parents talking to a child, you can’t negotiate or explain the need for the medication to your pet. They may toss their head, spit it out, foam at the mouth, scratch or bite. Transdermal tramadol helps resolve this dilemma.

How Does Transdermal Tramadol Work?

Transdermal medications are absorbed through the skin. In animals, transdermal tramadol is applied inside the ear tip where skin is easily accessible, and the animal can’t lick it off during their normal grooming process. When applying transdermal medications, be sure to put the medicine just inside the ear tip, below the hairline, where the small blood vessels help it absorb. Going too deep in the ear may cause inner ear issues.

Why Use Transdermal Medications?

As pet owners know, giving medication can be challenging, especially in cats. If the medicine is mild in flavor, putting it in food or getting it compounded with your cat’s favorite treat flavor can make it easier. Unfortunately, tramadol is quite bitter so these methods for dosing your cat may not work. Instead, The Compounding Center can create a transdermal compound. It’s easy to dose them by simply stroking them and applying it to the inside flap of their ear while you do. The compounded medication is carefully made to deliver the exact dose of tramadol through the skin. This process is less stressful for you and your pet, making pain management easier.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of Tramadol at controlling pain. The drug is well absorbed through the skin and works without the fight of having to give a drug orally.

Whether you’re looking for a transdermal medication or one that’s made to taste like your pets’ favorite flavor, The Compounding Center can help.


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