93% of Vets Say Having Access to Compounded Medication
is Important For Their Practice


Compounding might include “mixing, diluting, concentrating or flavoring a drug’s dosage form.”

You probably already know how much time and hassle compounded medication can save you. However, because medications may behave differently in animals than in humans, it’s important to have a pharmacist with specialized knowledge of veterinary compounding. Over our 40 years in business we’ve worked with thousands of vets, pets and pet owners.

As you read this page, you’ll realize we are more than just a pharmacy, we’re fellow animal lovers and trusted advisors.

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Compounding Medication Puts More Tools in Your Toolbox, So You Can Find
the Right Mixture for Every Situation

We can

  • Create oral suspensions in the concentrations needed for sugar gliders all the way to horses
  • Add flavors like chicken, beef or even pina colada for our feathered friends
  • Create transdermal creams for feline dosing in the ear pinnae
  • Create chicken flavored chewy treats for dogs or small tiny tabs for cats
  • Mix antibiotics and antifungals into an ear gel that will stick for even the most stubborn ear infections

Animals Are Not People


We get that! Our experience with thousands of vets, pets and pet owners has shown us that we can often offer unique solutions, suggestions and ideas that make treatments easier, and easier means better compliance.

Do you currently have a trusted, reliable compounding center that not only creates medications for you,
but offers insight and tips from experience?

If not, we need to talk immediately.