Why is Dye Free Compounding Good for You?

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October 28, 2015
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Why is Dye Free Compounding Good for You?

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Compounding is a great way to get the exact kinds of medications specifically designed for you. Many pharmacies are offering more and more compounding options that are allowing for better benefits for the consumer. One thing that is on the rise is the idea of dye free compounding for your medications. Going without dyes can be helpful to your health for a variety of ways, especially when it comes to your medication. Here are the main reasons dye free compounding is good for you.

It Benefits Your Children

One of the biggest and most important benefits of going dye free with you and your family’s medication is that it can greatly benefit your children. Dyes have been known to cause many health issues with children, in not only foods but medicines as well. This can oftentimes mean that the medications will be less productive in the end.

Dyes Can Be Deceitful

Dyes are one commodity that has been proven harmful and deceitful in many ways. Oftentimes, the dyes give the false appearance of having fruit-related creation in some form or fashion, causing people to believe there are health benefits when there are not. In addition, because they are full of additives and artificial colorings, sometimes certain medications are nullified due to the added products. Although they seem like they are doing something good, they are actually working against you.

Dyes can Cause ADHD

Unnatural dyes have been known to cause ADHD, mostly in children, but in many cases of adults as well. The various chemicals in the dyes often come across as stimulants which, over time, can lead to the over stimulation causing ADHD. Because this is so common a link, it is important to take preventative maintenance as quickly as possible.

Dyes can Cause Various Illness

Dyes have also been linked to causing various illnesses. Cancer and different infections have been linked to the consumption of food and medical dyes. In essence, you are taking medications, only to have other (potentially worse) diseases develop from your medication use.

It Prevents Allergic Reactions

Many individuals are simply allergic to food and artificial dyes. The dyes that are used in different foods are often sometimes used in medications without people even realizing it. Sometimes, the medication can cause the dyes to be altered as well, triggering allergic reactions in people who may not have known they were allergic to certain dye colors. Choosing to go without dyes is the safest way to avoid this type of reaction.

As you can see, there are many great benefits to purchasing medications without dyes. Dyes can be harmful in many different ways, many people are allergic to them, and going without not only benefits you, but your children as well. It is important that you consider dye free compounding, especially if you already have issues with dyes in your foods. It can be a great form of preventive maintenance as well as allow your medication to work its full effect. If you currently receive compounding medication, consider going dye free today.